Our vision is to have an educational institution that is built on discipline, educational excellence and character building. As such we aim to give best and be in service of the school.

Our mission is to be an outstanding and peaceful institution, which provides learning for life and addresses the changes in the educational system effectively.

In attempting to realize the above, we pledge to:

  • Equip ourselves as teachers with the skills required to meet the demands of the new and changing curriculum.
  • Create an environment for positive learning. Keep abreast of new developments in the curriculum in order to transfer relevant content to our pupils and to maintain education of excellent quality.
  • Respect the individual needs of all learners, parents and educators and non-educators. Expose to build a good relation amongst all South Africans.
  • Utilize the capacity of the parents and the Governing Body extensively for the good of the education process.
  • Uphold the provisions as contained in the Constitution of South Africa to particularly enhance peaceful co-existence within our school and community.
  • Seek the grace of our Creator at all times as we go about our daily duties and tasks.
  • We are and will remain firmly committed to the above principles and will seek to ensure that these ideals may live within us as well as within our communities.